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Andrew Fawcet

andrew fawcet

andrew fawcet

Andrew Fawcet is Myland Partner’s Director. For over 25 yrs Fawcet has operated in the real estate project and administration company making an improvement in how properties are viewed. Much like having the large quantity of greener at the Union Green Fawcet is identified for having innovative real estates and answers. More than his number of years operating in the market he has handled many things from houses to developments, putting in value for money to the land in New Zealand.

Fawcet and his firm possess several other properties that have been executed all over New Zealand. Scott Point in Auckland, NZ is a neighborhood that is expected to be finished in 2016 and has 320 lots. Kingfisher is a gated area in Lake Taupo, New Zealand, currently the project is 70 % sold out. An excellent lifestyle neighborhood in Kaipara Harbor, Hinamoki is a 110 lot property that is 100 % sold out.

Andrew Fawcet‘s Auckland apartment or condo block reveals real promise for nice property for those that can afford to reside there. It will also raise the land value for the region neighboring it. With Myland Partner’s last excellence they make sure to have a number of residents trying to relocate within the Union Green.